Saturday, July 17, 2010

Everett Triese - Extras Part III.

Sim posted July 17, 2010 @ Spamalot. Requested.

Featured on MS3B

Age: Young Adult
Traits: Artistic, Bookworm, Flirty, Friendly, Good Sense Of Humor
Favorites: Grilled Salmon, Electronica, Orange
Lifetime Wish: Star News Anchor

Hair :: Eyebrows :: Eyelashes (Unholy) :: Nose :: Eyes :: Skin (Non-Default)


World Adventures - Patch 1.11/2.6
No Paysites or Exchange; Don't claim as yoursEtc.
Feel free to use as a model as long as it's not for a paysite & you link back to me.

Simul8rReviews' Depression V2 Pose with Pose Player

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